jueves, marzo 16, 2006

Beck - 1992 Demo

01) Tough Fuckin Shit 02) Fuck You Up and Get High 03) Satan Was Way Cool 04) Blah Blah Blah Blah 05) mmmmmmmmmm 06) When the Water Will Take Back the Land 07) Run from the World 08) In This World 09) That Highway Won't Get You To Heaven 10) Ace of Spade 11) She Was A Beautiful Woman 12) I've Just Seen A Face Lift 13) Trash Can 14) Are You Positive 15) Loser (Demo)

The Story:
Way back in 1997 notsaved's friend dated a member of Beck's entourage. He gave her one of Beck's demo tapes. It was a Maxell Normal Bias UD 90min cassette and had a ton of cool songs. Upon her giving the tape to him, it was decided to seperate it into two parts, because most of the songs were acoustic and solo Beck songs, and a handful were metal songs featuring a band. The two CDs he called "1992 Demos" and "Metal Demos" and were shared only between a few friends. They promised not to ever share these special demos, but one day in need of some cash, notsaved's buddy sold a copy of the acoustic songs (1992 Demo) on eBay (he did not include or mention the metal songs). This copy was bought and became traded as "Buck Fuck Iowa" by the infamous Eddy Z. More appropriately, though, the demo is commonly referred to as "1992 Demo."

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