viernes, marzo 10, 2006

The doors: 3 concerts

The Doors : The isle of wight 1970
1.Backdoor man2.Break on through3.When the music's over4.Ship of fools5.Roadhouse blues6.Light my fire7. The end

the doors live in Hollywood, 1969
1. Welcome 2. Back Door Man 3. Break on Through (To the Other Side) 4. When the Music's Over 5. You Make Me Real 6. Universal Mind 7. Touch Me 8. Soul Kitchen 9. Jim Introduces Ray 10. Close to You 11. What You'd Like to Hear? 12. Peace Frog [Instrumental] 13. Blue Sunday 14. Five to One 15. Celebration 16. Light My Fire

The doors : Liquid night live at MiamiHe was so drunk in this presentation...more than usual
1. Back Door Man > Five To One2. Fun Rap (poem) [title on CD, this is just Morrison ranting]3. Touch Me (attempt)4. Love Me Two Times5. When The Music's Over6. Wake Up! 7. Light My Fire

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