jueves, abril 06, 2006

Nada Surf - Black Session Radio France - 09-16-2002

01- Treading Water02- Amateur03- Inside of Love04- The Way You Wear Your Head05- Happy Kid06- 80 Windows07- Killian's Red08- Blizzard of '7709- Hi-Speed Soul10- No Quick Fix11- The Voices12- Blonde On Blonde13- Hyperspace



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Anónimo dijo...

Is it really a black session?
I can´t find it on http://www.radiofrance.fr/chaines/france-inter01/emissions/lenoir/archives.php?bs=1&ws=1&live=1&year=2002&mot=

I noticed that there is gap between the 14/06/2002 and 02/12/2002 but I don´t know whether there are sessions played.

Is there anybody who can help?

Anónimo dijo...

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