martes, abril 11, 2006

Radiohead - Live @ Ferrara - Italy (jul -11-03) & Amnesty 98

Radiohead - Live @ Ferrara - Italy (jul -11-03)

01 intro02 there there03 2+2=504 lucky05 talkshow host06 scatterbrain07 the national anthem08 backdrifts09 sail to the moon10 kid a11 my iron lung12 when i end and you begin13 go to sleep14 exit music15 a punch-up at the wedding16 paranoid android17 idioteque18 everything in it's right place19 like spinning plates20 no surprises21 the gloaming22 the tourist23 sit down stand up24 street spirit

Radiohead - Amnesty 98
01. Lucky02. Karma Police03. Exit Music (For A Film)04. Talk Show Host05. My Iron Lung06. No Surprises07. Fake Plastic Trees08. Bones09. Paranoid Android10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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