viernes, abril 07, 2006

Slade - The Best Of

Aunque solo sea por la version original de Cum On Feel The Noize merece la pena el disco!

01 - Get Down And Get With It.mp302 - Coz I Love You.mp303 - Look Wot You Dun.mp304 - Take Me Bak 'ome.mp305 - Mama We're All Crazy Now.mp306 - Goodbye T`Jane.mp307 - Cum On Feel The Noize.mp308 - Skweeze Me Pleeze Me.mp309 - My Friend Stan.mp310 - Everyday.mp311 - The Bangin' Man.mp312 - Far Far Away.mp313 - Run Run Away.mp314 - In for a penny.mp315 - We'll Bring The House Down.mp316 - Lock Up Your Daughters.mp317 - My Oh My.mp318 - How Does It Feel.mp319 - All Join Hands.mp320 - Radio Wall Of Sound.mp321 - Merry Xmas Everybody.mp3
Pass: geop

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