martes, mayo 30, 2006

Radiohead - Ferrara 12-07-2003 & Apollo London 05/18/06

Los conciertos en directo siempre han sido pieza de coleccionismo para adictos a la música. Ahora además tenemos la oportunidad de selecionar que directo nos queremos descargar!

Radiohead - Ferrara 12-07-2003
01-intro02-there there03-2+2=504-fog05-morning bell06-talk show host07-kid a08-scatterbrain09-the national anthem10-backdrifts11-sail to the moon12-fake plastic trees13-go to sleep14-where i end and you begin15-pyramid song16-a wolf at the door17-paranoid android18-idioteque19-everything in it's right place20-i will21-the bends22 - the gloaming23 - how to disappear completely24 - sit down, stand up25 - karma police26 - outro

Radiohead 05/18/06 Hammersmith Apollo London UK
The National Anthem 2+2=5 Lucky 15 Step Morning Bell I Might Be Wrong Nude How To Disappear Completely Airbag Karma Police House Of Cards 13 Arpeggi My Iron Lung Idioteque Bodysnatchers There There Bangers N Mash Pyramid Song Let Down Planet Telex I Want None Of This Everything In Its Right Place

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jose manuel dijo...

pueden poner otra vez el concierto de radiohead live ferrara porfis gracias