martes, noviembre 07, 2006

Chris Cornell mp3

Unplugged In Sweden
Track list:01- Doesn't remind me (Audioslave).02- Like a stone (Audioslave).03- Wide awake (Audioslave).04- Fell on black days (Soundgarden).05- Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover).06- Be yourself (Audioslave).07- Redemption song (Bob Marley Cover).08- Peace, love and understanding (Elvis Costello Cover).09- Original fire (Audioslave).10- All night thing (Temple Of The Dog).11- Black hole sun (Soundgarden).12- Call me a dog (Temple Of The Dog).13- Thank you (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Lost And Found
Track list:01- You know my name.02- Mission 2000.03- Sunshower.04- Can't change me.05- Seasons.06- Ave María.07- Someone to die for.08- Heart of honey.09- Right turn.10- Hey baby.11- Into the void.12- Girl U want.13- Come together.14- Karaoke.15- She's a politician.16- Blind dogs.17- Wild horses (Live).18- Fluter girl (Live)

soundgarden - Superunknown
01- Let me drown.02- My wave.03- Fell on black days.04- Mailman.05- Superunknown.06- Head down.07- Black hole sun.08- Spoonman.09- Limo wreck.10- The day I tried to live.11- Kickstand.12- Fresh tendrils.13- 4th Of July.14- Half.15- Like suicide.

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