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Radiohead mp3/video

I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings (2001)

Radiohead / Towerin Above The Rest Complete
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Live at v festival stafford 2006

Setlist:01 Airbag02 2+2=503 The National Anthem04 My Iron Lung05 You and Whose Army?06 Bodysnatchers 07 The Bends 08 Nude ["That was an old bugger, this is a new bugger." Thom]09 No Surprises10 The Gloaming11 Paranoid Android ["You can take your hoodie off Jonny." Thom]12 All I Need13 Pyramid Song ["Glad you can appreciate a good song." Thom]14 Lucky15 Just16 Idioteque17 Street SpiritEncore 1:18 A Wolf At The Door19 There There20 Karma Police21 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right PlaceEncore 2:22 Creep [Thom didn't play guitar]
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muy buen gusto musical mira mi musica aver que crees y si quieres ponerla por aki ja

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Chemaska dijo...

este fue el pass que me sirvio ami, espero q les sirva a uds tambien, saludos desde Costa Rica, Muy buen Blog porcierto